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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Ideas Are A Dime-A-Dozen (almost)
Adjusting for inflation, I figure it's now a ROLL of dimes.
Stumped? Stuck? Stymied? It's been said that the best way to come up with one great idea is to come up with a LOT of different ideas. Buying an online brainstorm may hold the key to unleashing your own creative tsunami.

When you bought your last car, did you begin noticing them everywhere? Seems like you never really noticed that vehicle before, but as soon as you owned one -- BANG! -- they began popping-up everywhere.

Ideas work the same way.
Ideas will begin popping out of thin air if you already have a few in your possession.
Trying to find a new domain name, but all the good ones seem taken?
... Need to write an article for publication, but can't find that perfect 'hook?'
... In charge of a committee and need ideas involving your audience?
... Looking for ways to stay in contact with your customers?
... How about a few ideas on getting YOUR candidate to win this year's election???
All the ideas above are perfect topics for DON The IDEA GUY's new EconoStorm service.

For just five dollars -- a roll of dimes -- I'll provide you with a list of TWELVE IDEAS that you can use any way you please. (That's less than 42 cents per idea!!) Use them as-is or simply employ them as stepping stones to bigger and better ideas.

If one or two of the ideas truly capture your imagination, you might consider buying one of the more advanced Basic or Focused brainstorms to further explore the concept and elaborate on the idea -- but there's no obligation. Five bucks nets you twelve ideas!
"It's very simple. Stop reading this and GO spend $5.00, that's right, just $5.00 and Don will send you a list of TWELVE ideas!! It's the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on. :)"
Laura Allen
15 Second Pitch
EconoStorms aren't very elaborate -- each idea is simply a line or two in length. It might be a suggested direction to investigate on your topic, it might be a website link that pertains to your theme, or I may be inspired to write an entire paragraph on one of the concepts. One thing I can promise is that you'll get more than your money's worth!
Don is the "Whole Enchilada" when it comes to ideas. Give him your product, marketing plan, or topic with which you need creative help, and he'll add his "Creativity Hot Sauce" -- BAM! You'll have the hottest ideas around. I have purchased two EconoStorms and found them to be worth 100x the price.
Brian Monahan
Prestige Audio Visual

EconoStorms are available for a limited time at the ridiculous price of $5. Visit the IDEAS page at DonTheIdeaGuy.com for additional details. This offer may end at any time and EconoStorms will be processed on a first-come/first-served basis.
Want a FREE sample?
Download a free EconoStorm on marketing with postcards -- Twelve free ideas on using postcards to creatively promote your products and services while staying in touch with clients and prospects.


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