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Friday, June 18, 2004

Get Xombified!
James Farr raises the bar on raising the dead
This guy just made my day -- Chapter Four is on the loose!!

Xombie is just about the coolest thing on the 'net.
The creator, James Farr, is a computer-geek by day and animating-zombie-geek by night. In three episodes he managed to completely hook me into checking his website once per week in the hopes he'll roll out the next episode a little early. My efforts paid off, as Chapter Four was just released today -- a full two-weeks early. Not only is there a new chapter, there's a ton of new content and character information.

How much does this incredible entertainment cost?
He doesn't charge a dime.

But, if I am (I mean 'WE are') going to continue enjoying these great animated features (and learn more about the story!) go to his Xombie store and buy a t-shirt or something to help support his efforts.

James Farr has created several stores containing a variety of merchandise and apparel featuring many of the characters from the Xombie animated series. Click the shirt to link to the "basic" store -- or visit the Xombified website and checkout the other available stores... and don't forget to watch an episode or two (or four!) while you're there -- you'll be hooked!


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