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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Necco Wafers are Groovy
Special link for my friend Chuck
I was talking to my buddy the other night and we got on the subject of old-time candies we enjoyed in our youth.

I was never a big fan of these things, but apparently my buddy Chuck still craves the nasty, chalky disks masquerading as sweet treats. The stores in his home town can't keep them in stock -- I can't imagine why, nobody else I know likes 'em!

Never let it be said I let a friend suffer the symptoms of candy withdrawal, no matter how nasty his taste in candy might be -- this link's for you, pal!

Did you know this candy was invented by a guy named Ned Necco?
He came up with the concept for the flat, sugary disks while playing a game of Tiddly Winks -- That's not so hard to believe -- I once accidentally swallowed a Tiddly Wink, and I seem to remember it tasted a little better than a Necco Wafer.


Blogger Dave; said...

Way to go Chuck for raising your hand proudly and proclaimimg your love for NECCOs! I too am a huge fan!

Ned Necco? C'mon, the wafers are named after the company that makes them: New England Confectionery Company. For a history of this American treasure, visit http://www.necco.com/chronolo.htm

11:11 AM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

Hey, I'm just quoting what it says on the candy website:

7:05 PM  

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