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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Instant Networking
InfoGuru Shares Follow-Up Flashes
If you're a fan of InfoGuru Robert Middleton, you'll know he's famous for providing incredible marketing information at an incredible price (is free incredible enough?)

Every week Robert sends out "More Clients: the Online Marketing Newsletter for Independent Professionals." Each issue is filled with valuable information in the form of a topical article and a brief summary of the article (my favorite part!) called "Marketing Flashes." I've shared his latest summary below:

Marketing Flashes on "Instant Networking"
by Robert Middleton

For many, networking stops after a networking event. But that's really when networking starts. To get the most out of networking events, do the following.

* Follow Up - Don't disappear after meeting someone at an event. Follow up by sending a note, an email or some valuable information. This makes you both memorable and valuable.

* Meet In Person - When you make a connection with someone at an event that shows promise, get back to them and set up a meeting over lunch or coffee and discuss how you can help each other.

* Send Referrals - Keep your eyes and ears open for people who could use the services of your new networking contacts and refer them whenever possible.

* Stay In Touch - Always mention that you have a newsletter or eZine and that you'd be happy to add them to your list. If they're on your list, they'll never forget you.

* Be a Catalyst - By arranging for networking opportunities like Jane Trevaskis, you'll gain a reputation as a valued resource person. And you'll be "top-of-mind" if someone needs your services.
If you'd like to receive Robert's FREE 24-page Marketing Plan Workbook, learn more about his online InfoGuru Marketing Manual, or to sign-up for his fantastic newsletter -- just click here to visit his website.


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