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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Karen Post-its
Branding Diva's recent "Brand Bite" offers good advice for ad specialty users
I subscribe to Karen Post's "Brand Bite" newsletter, and you should too. Great thoughts to chew on in bite-size morsels, like her most recent post on the topic of choosing promotional items:
Stamping your name on every single promotional item you can find will not ensure big brand buzz, but may certainly fill up circular filing cans fast.

Printing your logo on promotional items can be an effective branding tactic or a useless expense. It is up to you. The selection of brandable products today is so great, why not select items that reinforce your brand story instead of doing like your competitors do with the same-old unoriginal tradeshow trash.

If you must be utilitarian, think about the material and design of the giveaway item. Is it slick and trendy like your company? Or rustic and adventuresome? Also consider how you package and deliver the item to your market. There may be more brand leverage opportunity here.

I use 3M Post-it® notes as one of my giveaway items, except mine say, “Karen Post-it”.
Karen Post helps organizations and professionals prosper with a powerful brand. She is a 20-year branding enthusiast, professional speaker, and author. If you’d like to subscribe to Brand Bite, learn more on branding, speaking programs, or consulting, please visit www.brandingdiva.com.

If you'd like more information or ideas on using promotional products to build your business and strengthen your brand, visit the NEW RedBird Promo website -- it's Don The Idea Guy's new business site for printing and promotional services.


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