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Thursday, June 24, 2004

What is Watizit?
Ambiguous Visualization and Forced Relationships
I first learned about Watizit through my brainstorming-buddy, Peter Lloyd. I participated in a recent Brainline project on candy bars (don't blame ME if you missed out -- you were invited to play too!) and Peter listed it as a source for idea stimulation.

The official description of Watizit states:
"Most people tend to use either verbal or mathematical skills to conceptualize, and we follow set patterns we're comfortable with. Watizit uses ambiguous graphics to push to the user to conceptualize visually, which is not a mode most of us use."
BUT, as they say on the website -- "The best way to understand Watizit is to try it out" -- so take them up on their invitation and try out this great online creativity tool (for free during the beta-testing stage!)
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