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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Naming Contest, Inc.
Mag's name contest nets consult time for winners
Today Inc. Magazine announced a contest to name five fictional franchises.

Winners receive a free, one-hour naming consultation with expert Alex Frankel and/or a copy of his book "Wordcraft." Four runners-up receive copies of "Wordcraft".

Read the company profiles and rules at the Inc. website.

If you don't want to hang your naming consultation on the chances of winning the Inc. contest, you should contact my buddy Peter Lloyd at GoCreate.

Peter is an expert name-comer-upper-guy. He'll organize a group "Brainline" (an online brainstorm session) guaranteed to provide a flood of naming options and ideas. Visit Peter's Brainline naming questionnaire, fill it out, and he'll get back to you with a proposal PDQ.

Tell him Don the Idea Guy sent you! :)


Blogger gocreate.com; said...

I also have BrainlineXpress--the free, no-frills, DIY version of Brainline.

8:01 AM  

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