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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Pennies For Your Thoughts
Jim Kukral helps turn blogs into bucks
A couple weeks ago I plunked down several dollars to buy Jim Kukral's ebook Blogs 2 Riches. It promised step-by-step advice for making a few extra dollars per month via my blog. Since I already have a blog (and can always use a few extra dollars) I decided to give it a shot.

I've got to be honest with you and say that at first I was a little disappointed with the total content. It starts from the EXTREME basics (how to start a blog, websites that offer free blogging accounts, explaining associate programs, several pages of links to associate sites, etc.) I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting -- but this wasn't it.

I emailed Jim and told him I was dissatisfied with my purchase, that I removed the link from my site to his book, and would never recommend it to anyone.
Note to self: Never say 'never'...

Jim eventually wrote back, said he was sorry I felt that way, and asked for a link to my blog so that he could see what I was doing and offer his advice on how to improve my results. He wrote back within a couple hours and ask me a very good question --
How could I be disappointed with the book's content when I hadn't tried a single one of the ideas it suggested?

That hit the Idea Guy where it hurts -- judging ideas without actually putting them into action?? Shame on me! Not exactly practicing what I preach, know what I mean?

Last week I began making some slight format changes to my blog -- mixing in a few of the Blogs 2 Riches ideas along the way. I'm not implementing all the ideas Jim suggests in the book, but I'm done shooting them down without giving them a try.

Sure, I still think most of the ideas contained within the book are basic (you can find blogging resources and associate programs out-the-wazoo if you spend two seconds on Google) but if you're not executing the basics -- actually putting ideas into action -- how the heck can you expect results or feedback of any kind?

My apologies to the author for criticizing the book before I gave it a real shot to perform, and my compliments to Jim for standing behind his work and helping me to put his knowledge into action. Now go to the website and download the free introduction.


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