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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Unusually Creative
Weird Ideas From Weird People
In the spirit of Seth Godin's "Google-Do" I invite you to submit the weirdest ideas you've ever come up with for inclusion in a soon-to-be published eBook titled "Unusually Creative -- Weird Ideas From Weird People."

The Concept:
During every brainstorming session (if you're doing it right) you amass a lot ideas that are just too "out there" to make it past the first round of the evaluation process. The concepts that made every laugh, roll their eyes, or literally groan out loud. The ideas that got crossed off the list first for being too outrageous to implement.

Those are the ideas I want.

As well as being a fun read, I feel the book will also serve as an education tool for those who hold back during the creation process. If they could see other examples of just how outlandish and ridiculous the first round of ideas created during a brainstorming session can be (SHOULD be!) they might just loosen up enough to create some outrageous ideas (and incredible solutions) of their own.

The Details:
Submit a short description -- it can be one sentence or one paragraph -- but, please keep your submission to a maximum of a half-page in total.

Along with the description, please include two sentences about yourself. The first sentence should be about you, what you do (feel free to include your website) and the second sentence should share one "weird" thing about you. Maybe you collect 80's rock t-shirts, or can sing along with the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack. Maybe you can touch the tip of your nose with your tongue or can crack your knuckles to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" -- whatever it is, tell it in a single sentence.

The Reward:
In exchange for your published submission, you will receive a free copy of the completed eBook and have your name and info attached to your listing for all to see. If you'd rather not have anyone know just how weird you are, please mark your description info as "Anonymously Weird" and I will respect your wishes.

Please send all entries to weird@dontheideaguy.com with the subject line "Weird Ideas" -- thank you for participating, and I look forward to reading all of your wonderful, weird, and unusually creative ideas!

PS: Please forward this to any other weird people you know. :)

PPS: To keep the lawyers happy (and off my back): All submissions become the property of Don the Idea Guy, The Idea Department and 100-WHATS Publishing. All entries are assumed to be the original creations of their respective authors. Entry submission grants permission of use for publishing. All other rights to the idea are retained by their rightful owners and creators, weird as they may be.

PPPS: Seth Godin just called this idea BRILLIANT (the all-caps are his!)


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