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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Meet My Son...
...little Sony Snyder
The BBC website reports an increasing tendency for Americans to name their babies after pop culture references.

I get "Chevy" (could be after Chevy Chase, right?) but who the heck decided to name their sons "ESPN"?? Reportedly there is a child named ESPN in both Michigan and Texas! There are also reports of seven boys named Del Monte, twenty-two girls answer to Infiniti, and FORTY-NINE boys were named after a CAMERA and now have the name "Canon" on their birth certificates!

Only of names actually made me 'stop and go hmmmm...'
Apparently seven boys have been found with the name "Denim." Sounds kind of cool, but I think it would be a better girl's name. Sheesh! I'm starting to sound like the Seinfeld episode where George suggests the "Soda" for a baby's name.

Stranger and stranger... but at least it's better than being named "Courvoisier" -- you just KNOW there's a 12-step program in that kid's future.

PS: I don't have a kid... but "Sony" does have a nice ring to it, don't ya think? ;)


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