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Monday, November 03, 2003

What's on YOUR mind?
New "comments" feature added to Brain|Blog
I've been wanting to add the ability for readers to leave comments, links, and add-on info to my blog for quite awhile. I even considered switching to another blog system that allowed this featured. But, a quick question to the kind folks at Blogger.com netted me a list of several sites that offered free scripts and code to add this nifty feature to my existing Blogger account.

The one I decided to test drive is a simple pop-up window created by the cool people at BlogSpeak.com. Just click the "comments" link below each post and a pop-up window will display any comments already added to the entry -- listed newest to oldest. If you'd like to add your two cents worth, just type in your name, email address (they even offer an option to have this info stored for future comments) and click the button!

Pretty simple, eh?
All the best ideas are! :)


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