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Friday, April 08, 2005

Whole New
Frame of Mind

I told ya so!
Not since The Brand Called You article by Tom Peters have I been this excited about a concept finally tipping. Back before Mr. Peters gave it a cool and catchy name within the pages of Fast Company magazine, I had been packaging and presenting myself as a personal brand (only I didn't have a name for it) -- I just saw it as self-marketing and promotion. Five years later, enter "Brand You" and I got a little self-vindication for all my past efforts and ideas.

The same thing just happened within the pages of Dan Pink's latest book "A Whole New Mind". Dan has intelligently presented the concept of ideas being the new "product" of this century, where we manufacture not with machinery, but with our imagination and the gears grinding in our heads.

Complaints and anxiety abound with every job that is sent overseas -- "Woe is us" we scream and whine and stomp up and down in the puddle of spilled milk at our feet. Few seem to recognize the opportunity and obvious strategy that will carry us back to the top -- it's the IDEAS, stupid.

I had the opportunity this week to dial in to a live presentation given by Mr. Pink, and he gets it. And he puts it into terms that not only help everyone to understand the true paradigm shift (sorry for the buzzword, but I don't use it lightly) happening all around us, but will get you EXCITED about it. The presentation has been archived so that you can enjoy (and profit from!) it too.

Go forth and think big thoughts!
Whole New Mind presentation by Dan Pink

After you're done with the presentation -- go buy the book!


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