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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Announcing the RedBirdBlog
Some of you know that when I'm not donning the Idea Guy cape to use my creative powers to battle evil, I have a not-so-mild-mannered secret identity as a purveyor of printing and promotional products.

RedBirdPromo.com is my personal "Daily Planet", and the new issue went online yesterday. I share the scoop on one of the most successful business card designs I've ever created -- people constantly ask my client for additional copies of his business card so they can show their friends. When was the last time someone showed YOUR card to a bunch of their friends?

I've also unveiled the new RedBirdBlog -- a daily dose of ideas for building your business using print and promotional strategies. The RedBirdBlog is RSS enabled, so you can have the ideas delivered directly to your news reader.

The Spring Edition of RedBirdPromo.com also features four spring-themed advertising speciality ideas, and a completely searchable online database containing thousands-and-thousands of additional promotional product ideas.

Finally, if you'd like first-alert of RedBirdPromo's case study updates, promotional specials, and access to a new "IdeaFile" card collection that I've begun building, you can join the RedBirdPromo Yahoo Group.

The IdeaCard Collection is a brand new resource created exclusively for the members of the RedBirdPromo Yahoo Group. Each card is designed to either be viewed online, or printed out and stored in a index card file box. A new card will be uploaded to the Yahoo Groups 'files' page on a regular basis, along with or valuable print and promo planning tools (project checklists, fool-proof printing tips, etc.)

Consider yourself invited to join!


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