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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hot Delivery Idea...
with Extra Cheese
This pizza oven on wheels gets you a pie in the blink of an eye
Super Fast Pizza (Wisconsin) uses high-tech mobile kitchen vans -- licensed as restaurants -- to deliver hot pizzas within 15 minutes.

Fully powered and wifi-enabled (online ordering is encouraged and will net you free Pepsi), Super Fast Pizza take orders and cooks pizzas while enroute to the customer. To save time and make the most of their limited cooking/prep area, the menu is restricted to medium-sized versions of the seven most popular pizzas (deluxe, sausage, sausage & pepperoni, five-cheese, four-meat, pepperoni, veggie) and a pizza of the month. All pies are delivered uncut, and priced at $10.99 (discounts for multiple pizzas on same order). They even give you a promotional pizza cutter with your first order -- an excellent example of using advertising specialties effectively!

Think about it -- Super Fast Pizza just reduced the 'delivery' time from the oven to your door to 30 seconds. Think that pizza is gonna be hot? All they have to do is walk up your driveway!

Super Fast Pizza may restrict its menu to medium-sized pizzas, but the idea is definitely Extra-Large.


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