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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Few Quick Clicks
Some good stuff by Sarthak Brahma over at the Consumercy blog today. Sarthak shares the simplest, most effective, and least used method of making certain your customers are happy -- asking them!

As part of an ongoing discussion of viral marketing tactics with my friend Jim Canterucci, I did a bit of 'research' and found this link -- Mahna Mahna.

Folks my age probably got a chuckle out of that old clip, right?
Get a few more laughs by visiting The Next Great Comic, and vote for my buddy Jake. Last time I posted it was a close race between Jake and some other guy. I asked you to vote everyday, but I think you forgot. That other guy is edging Jake out by a few percentage points.

C'mon, let's get Jake a great stand-up gig!
Visit Next Great Comic today (it's our last chance!), as the contest ends on April 1st. I just found out you can vote up to 10 times per day -- just click Jake's photo and the 'vote for' button.


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