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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Schroedinger's Decaf
A thinking person's coffee
I had a whole other entry planned for today, but then I saw this and had to share it. How could I not move something that combines creative thinking with caffeine (or decaf, as the case may be)? The artist is a Columbus resident, and his quirky cartoon site toothpastefordinner.com is a daily visit for me.

Speaking of coffee (and Columbus), if you want a creative cup of coffee without all the corporate logos and piglatin cup sizes (veni, vidi, venti: I came, I saw, I bought the large), AND you're in Columbus, Ohio -- you should visit Kafe Kerouac at 2250 N. High.

Great place and great atmosphere. I'm convinced that Mike (the owner) opened the shop so he'd have a fun place to work on his writing. Kafe Kerouac has a chess night and open-mic spoken word nights. They also do a fantastic job of sponsoring local artists by using their shop as a gallery. My brother has displayed his work there in the past, and this month the Kafe features works by Jack Stover, III.

Definitely worth a look!


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