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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Perverting Your Position
Moronically Diluting your Market Domination
I was speaking with Sam Iannarino from The Sales Blog yesterday and we discussed how great a tool LinkedIn is turning out to be, as a way to get in contact with new folks in order to share ideas and work on projects. Inevitably our discussion turned to "yeah, but..." as we verbally spanked them for trying to become a job board.

LinkedIn was emerging as best networking site to reach some of the best people in their respective businesses. I've made contact with some incredibly bright folks on that site! I've done business with a few of them, and have projects in-development with a few more. Why in the world would they want to turn this haven of head-honchos into "just another" job posting site?

Hell, even the BIG job boards
don't want to be job boards!

Witness Monster.com's lame efforts to sent themselves up as a networking site. No matter how many emails they send me giving me my "Monster network update" (in which I do not participate), it's still crappy info from a crappy job site. How about you Monster guys work on becoming the best job board in the world instead of the worst networking site, eh?

And you LinkedIn management guys -- focus on networking and deal brokering. Don't even consider the job site route. Otherwise the weakest link in this networking chain is going to become painfully obvious.


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