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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mocking Family
and Friends

Cheap Laughs for...er... Cheap!
Discovered a new (new to me anyway) online comic called "Yirmumah" by DJ Coffman and Bob McDeavitt. It's well written and illustrated, and it's a been a lot of fun gorging myself on the archived pages over the holidays.

Most online comics sell a bit of loot to help raise funds to keep their site up and the lights on over the drafting tables. You'll usually find things offered through CafePress.com, custom t-shirts, or the occasional signed pencil sketch. But Yirmumah offers a new twist on the old fairgrounds fare -- caricatures.

But, this is not the crappy stuff typically found on your state fair midway -- Coffman's Yir-Caricatures includes your likeness drawn in whatever setting you want, doing whatever you choose, in his own comicbook illustrative style. ...And it's CHEAP. He's only charging $5 for a black and white drawing and $8 for a color version (you pay that much for a SODA at the fair!) For an additional charge, he'll put you in the scene with multiple people -- your best friend, worst enemy, or sexiest centerfold (um... not that I know anything about that personally, or um...anything like that... I'm just saying...)

Yir-Caricatures also offers the opportunity to become a comicstrip legend -- DJ is adding any of the characters he draws to his 'flip file'. That means anytime he needs a an "extra" in his strip -- for background scenes, crowds, the guy at the next table in the coffee shop, etc. he'll choose a likeness from one of his caricatures. You could have a walk-on role in the Yirmumah comic -- that's pretty cool.

If you're interested (or should that be if "Yirintrested?") just click over to Yirmumah.net to see samples and pricing. DJ even started a "caricature blog" to let you know who's up next in the queue and how production is progressing.

It's a great idea from a guy with some great talent.
I've decided that whenever I'm acting like a sarcastic S.O.B., the thoughts and pictures in my head look exactly like DJ Coffman's cartoons -- get outta my head! Get outta my head! (any lawyers out
there think I might have an infringement suit against this guy?)


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