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Friday, December 10, 2004

The Sweet Sounds of iSerenity
There are plenty of computer screensavers that have a slideshow comprised of pretty pictures. Some even have nice sound files attached to them. The problem is, you can't really work on your computer if you want to see or hear them -- any motion of the mouse will usually stop the screensaver and you'll be back to staring at the stinkin' spreadsheet you need to finish by the end of day.

Looking for a moment's peace?
Need two seconds of tranquility?
Seeking serenity?
Look no further -- iSerenity.com is the place to go for a library of peaceful background noises that play directly from your computer, and work in the background so that you can hear the sounds of serenity without feeling unproductive.

The iSerenity library currently includes; rain, wild wind, roaring ocean, bubbling brook, crackling fire, crickets, whale songs, and many others. My favorites are the 'sounds of New York' and 'whimsical windchimes'. I thought the most unusual offerings were a hairdryer, vacuum, and typewriters.

It's basically like those atmospheric/ambient noise audio CDs that you can buy -- but each iSerenity choice is accompanied by a pictorial slideshow, and they're FREE.

Nothing to download, nothing to install, and you don't even have to register an email address. Just visit the site and click on whatever sound of serenity you prefer! It works great in the background (just keep their browser window active) and continues to play while you work in whatever program you wish.

iSerenity is a great companion to the DailyZen.com site, and have the perfect sounds by which to contemplate DailyZen's meditation of the day.

An excellent way to find a moment's peace and get your head back in the game.


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