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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

True Artist
Quality content compensates
for naughty navigation
Not just your everyday illustrator -- Aaron Jasinski is also an accomplished musician. Aaron's website is beautiful, but I feel he got a little too stylish on navigation. The controls are almost too delicate to be functional -- but definitely worth the trouble.

Be sure to start playing his Aaron's music before moving on to browse his paintings (how thoughtful of him to provide a custom soundtrack!) the music will continue to play as you click over to the illustrations. My favorite paintings are his contemporary interpretations of the astrological zodiac signs.

It would be nice if the music tracks would continue to advance as each song ends, but they don't. You'll need to go back to the music page and click on the next tune you'd like to hear.

Very cool, and I'm very jealous.
...the talented bastard...


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