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Monday, July 12, 2004

This is wrong on SO many levels
Barbie's a bad girl now
Since my last post included a link to Legos, Amazon now has me in their database-sights as someone interested in toys, so imagine my surprise when the new S&M Barbie doll appeared in my inbox this morning!

Okay... so it's not *actually* called S&M Barbie, but one look at the pic below and I think it's obvious why I've chosen to rename their collectible Catwoman Barbie.

You have to keep in mind that Mattel is the company that (unsuccessfully) tried to sue a guy for damaging sweet little Barbie's reputation. Tom Forsythe incorporated nekkid Barbie dolls into his artwork, parodying the doll and the values he feels she represents.
I just hope Ken remembers his safety word.

The only thing that could possibly be more frightening than this, would be Ken as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Zoinks!


Anonymous Anonymous; said...

Sheesh! What a message for my daughters! Hmmm, maybe they need to start a rating system for toys. Barbie gets an R today. For "rotten role modeling."

7:54 AM  

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