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Friday, July 16, 2004

Learn from Walt's Wrongs 
Disney demonstrates domination despite defeat
Found a great list of Walt Disney's failures on the EarthTimes.org website.

Walt Disney has been a hero of mine since a report I did on him in 2nd grade. During my "research" (I read two books on him at the school library) I found weird parallels between my life and his, two of which -- paper routes and the fact I came into this world just as he was leaving it -- allow me to feel close to what I know was a kindred spirit. Whenever I receive that vital dose of inspiration just when I need it, I recognize it frequently comes from 'Uncle Walt.'

While I haven't had the same scale of failures/challenges in my life that he had -- neither have I had the same scale of victories. 

Few of us have.
Walt is a perfect example of great risk equaling great reward.

Oh, and don't forget to Save Disney.


PS: My new friend Douglas Eby picked up on the lessons in this post and included it on his page dedicated to those who have failed their way to success

Check it out.


Blogger Avi; said...

Check out this photo of Disney at Tivoli!:
Disney @ Tivoli

3:32 AM  

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