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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Idea Evaluation
Can You tell a Good Idea from a Bad One?
Report 103 is a weekly email from the big-thinkers at the JPB Company.

This past week they shared
a formula for evaluating ideas they've described as "5x5."

"We determine five criteria and rate the idea against each criteria on a scale of zero to five.

Zero points means the idea does not meet the criteria at all, while five points means the idea completely meets the criteria.

Multiply the total number of points the idea receives by four and the result is a score out of 100 possible points, which is easy to analyse."

According to their clients, the result has been lightning fast (yet accurate) evaluations of ideas.

You can play with a free version of their evaluation tool by visiting: http://www.jpb.com/creative/evaluator.php.


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