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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Studio 7
What if "Survivor" and "Weakest Link" had a baby?
Seven dynamic 18-25 year olds from across the country move into a posh New York City loft for one week overloaded with newspapers, magazines, and numerous other study materials in preparation for a cutthroat current events trivia challenge taking place at the end of the week in which one contestant goes home with $77,000.

Over the course of the week, alliances, friendships, romances, and rivalries are formed between the loft mates, and the contestants hone their respective game strategies all under the constant gaze of cameras. By the time the game show portion of the show is taped, the loft mates have really contemplated their strategies, which often include voting off potential threats -- whose abilities they were able to judge over the week -- in order to win the $77,000.

At the end of the season, the winners from each episode compete against each other for an additional $777,000.

The show is called "
STUDIO 7" and it premieres this (tonight!) Thursday, July 22nd, at 9pm on the WB.


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