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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Project: TRUFFLE
Your sweet ideas could net a tasty new treat for all of us, and $50 for you!
My friend Peter Lloyd at GoCreate.com just told me about an exciting new Brainline project he's working on to develop a new sweet treat.

His client would like ideas and input from real consumers who frequently purchase candy bars, and is will to pay $50 for your thoughts -- sure beats the old price of 'a penny for your thoughts!'

The project has a limited number of spaces available, but knowing how creative the Brain|Blog readers are, Peter gave me permission to invite you all to apply for entry into the project.

In order to take part in Project Truffle, you must not be employed by a manufacturer or marketer of candy or other confection, an advertising agency, branding consultancy, or marketing research firm. If invited to participate, you will be asked to sign a statement to that effect as well as a standard confidentiality agreement. You can read the agreement HERE, but don't fill it out until you are notified of your acceptance into the project.

Fill out the questionnaire if you'd like to participate -- you must enter by May 5th if you wish to participate.

You can learn more Peter Lloyd's Brainline process by clicking here.


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