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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Still Looking for Wacky and Weird Ideas
Submit your Unusually Creative ideas today!
I know you're all probably busy with end of year stuff and holiday gift shopping, but as you untangle those strings of lights for the third year in a row, why not put your brain to work on a weird way of storing the lights so they don't become tangled in the first place?

Or how about a way to keep the tree from being knocked over?
Or a way to save time on giftwrap?

I don't want a mad rush of holiday-themed weird ideas, but at least those topics can serve as a starting point to other Unusually Creative concepts.

Still need a creative kickstart?
Try visiting the Wacky Patents page. You think YOUR ideas are weird? You have NO idea... just wait until you see the "Chewing Gum Locket" or the "Balloon Powered by Eagles or Vultures."

Now THOSE are weird!

Submit your own Unusually Creative and wonderfully weird ideas to my new eBook project: "Unusually Creative: Weird Ideas from Weird People."


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