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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A New Center
Wanted to link to this article regarding Stern's switch to Satellite Radio quite awhile ago, but never got around to it. Lately I've been thinking a lot about ideas and what sparks innovation, and I remembered thinking the last paragraph or two on the first page of this article made some great points.

Author Ana Marie Cox (The Wonkette!) squarely hits on the development of a "new center" in the media world, which could easily be described in creating a "New Center" of ANYTHING.

Excerpts from the article...
"Stern's move heralds the future of radio, and maybe of media in general. He has made it possible to look at the chaos of individually produced enterprises (podcasters and print-on-demand publishers and bloggers ... on the fringe of the media world and suddenly see a new center.

... After all, almost every amateur media venture - at least the ones worth paying attention to - starts out of spite. You are unsatisfied with something. You feel like something is being ignored. You are offended. You make a movie on your laptop because you hate Michael Moore; you start doing an Internet broadcast because your local radio station isn't playing enough Tuvan throat-singers. You start a blog because magazine editors won't let you write about indelicate sex acts and privatizing Social Security in the same screed.

The future that Stern is defining actually isn't about speech. It's about a less legalistic, more human freedom: expression. The best revolutions, like the best comedy, come from rage - tricksters who nudge and needle the establishment until it can't help but change. ...it's possible to create and consume individualized, personalized media that lives up to a community standard of you.

In the country of the blog, the one-man show is king of all media."

She gives me chills I tell you -- CHILLS!


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