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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Flowing as with Honey;
Smooth; Flowing Sweetly

That's how Dictionary.com defines Mellifluous -- which is itself the only definition they give for Mellifluent -- which brings us to today's post. Some of the best ideas seem to come from out of the blue and, amazingly enough, that's where some of my most interesting emails come from as well.

For example, I received one a couple days ago from Earnest Pettie. Earnest is an "Idea Man" and was looking to make contact with other "Idea Men" websites he'd found on the net. As a matter of course, he must have tripped over one of my Idea Guy sites and figured it was close enough.

I get a least 2 or 3 "will you trade links with me?" requests per week, some of them actually DO contain related content, but most are simply mass-mailed, lame linking sites merely looking to increase their search engine stats.

The junk mail gets no response from me, the personal (although misguided) email will usually get a 'no thank you' or 'perhaps in the future' response, and others (too few and far between) get an immediate mention in the blog and added to the link-list update file. Earnest Pettie's Mellifluent.info gleefully qualifies as one of the latter.

Like the mellifluous word from which it takes it name, the ideas sweetly flow like honey through each one of the posts. Some of the proposed ideas may be as familiar to you as the flashes of brilliance sparked during the course of a normal day from a million different stimuli; how to make blog reading easier, a quick-view option for all those open Firefox tabs, how to find things faster in a grocery store, or alternative ideas for pedometers and laser measuring devices.

Earnest and Company's (there appear to be several people posting on the blog) also flow to the outrageous, outlandish, and brilliantly bizarre. They have a plan for making society more tolerate - 'one beatdown at a time', and how the health food industry should take their cues from beer commercials and make Wheat Germ sexy. Mellifluent.info may also have come up with the perfect idea for getting European Union back on track -- free iPods for every country that ratifies the constitution. But, my absolute favorite (so far!) has got to be the idea posted by E-Rock for a time/cash converter.
People will ask me, “Do you have a minute?” And I will respond, “Yes, and it’s yours.” I also know that time is money, which is why there should be a time/cash converter.

I would carry that and a book of reciepts around with me. That way when I’d finished given someone a moment of my time, I could give them a reciept and say, “You just received 84 dollars and 36 seconds.” I wonder if that’s tax deductible.
I heartily recommend getting into 'the flow' with these Idea Men of Mellifluent.info.


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