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Sunday, July 10, 2005

An Idea's Time That
Has Finally Come
As a charter member of BrightIdea.com, I missed it dreadfully when it was basically shuttered and shut down a few years ago as a result of misuse by an influx of nasty new members on a quest to take advantage of the site's 'penny-per-point' reward system for bright ideas.

In their rush to pick the pockets of the site's creators, these locust-like invaders simply pasted recipes and other recycled suggestions not of their own creation into BI's incredibly creative idea collection engine. The most creative things these cut throat commandos did was to invent and organize "rating gangs" to drive up the rating points and increase the falsified value of their "un-ideas."

I've visited the site over the years and was disheartended to see it standing as a ghost town for the modern days -- an abandoned stop on the information super highway. It would have been less cruel to simply take the whole thing down than to let it live on life support for so long.

But a funny thing happened the other day -- The patient took a breath on its own.

Someone shocked new life into the burnt-out BrightIdea bulb, and has it juiced and jumping again. Even their new logo shows a light bulb looking as young and vital as the new site and its new direction.

BrightIdea.com's new mission is that of webhosted suite of idea management tools intended for corporate use. In a day and age of outsourced labor and manufacturing, BI now provides a means for businesses to focus and build on their only sure competitive product -- better ideas.

Take a tour of the new BI and see what I mean.
BrightIdea.com is dead -- long live BrightIdea.com

...I just hope they found a good home for Sparky, their idea-sparking cartoon mascot dog. If he still needs adopted, I volunteer to give him a good home.


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