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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Personal Brilliance... And Yours.
Anyone who missed the Fast Company Magazine BlogJam a few weeks ago missed out on what I think is basically THE big concept of the year -- "Personal Brilliance."

Author Jim Canterucci was invited to participate in the BlogJam and share his vision of the personal innovation process. Canterucci describes Personal Brilliance as "the sum of what you’ve learned, experienced, and practiced." Excellent!

Jim has mapped the habits we need to develop in order to enhance our own Personal Brilliance: Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative. You can read the article that originally hooked me on Jim's website, MyPersonalBrilliance.com.

I think this is going to be a really important book for all the Idea Guys and Gals out there -- be sure to read the linked article introducing the four principles of Personal Brilliance. It's going to be information vital to an upcoming change on my own website and services. READ IT. There will be test...

Okay, not REALLY a test -- but there IS a Personal Brilliance Quotient you can take to see how you score in each of the areas of Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative. Check it out by clicking this link. And buy a book while you're at it. Show some initiative. ;)


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