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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Are You Bolting the
Door of Opportunity?
It seems to be the nature of opportunity to avoid negative people. These Negative Nancys and Negative Neds rant and rave that nothing comes their way. While they wander from person to person bemoaning their lot in life and wishing they could catch a break like that lucky so-and-so who sits in the next cubicle at work -- they can't hear Opportunity leaning on the buzzer trying to get them to open the door over all their woe-is-me-whining.

Bolted Brains cannot conceive exciting new ideas, they cannot envision new innovations, nor are their minds open to the creative connections waiting to made if they would simply open themselves to the possibilities and invite Opportunity in for a nice chat and a cup of coffee.

Approach every challenge with a positive attitude. Know in your head that you CAN solve the problem -- that it's probably a simple answer to a complex problem. The solution is "there" you just have to recognize it.

Think on your past successes and remember them in the middle of this new challenge. Past victories will help conquer current quandries. You just have to quiet your anxiety and listen for Opportunity's approach -- and leave those negative locks off the door so it can make a grand entrance!

Note: Negative Nancy and Negative Ned are fictional characters. They are not intended to represent any real people, living or dead, that happened to be named Nancy or named Ned.
...or named Negative (just in case.)


Blogger Chuck McKay; said...

Another variation of the Negative Nancy is the "I don't want to get my hopes up" type. Fergoodnesssakes, GET your hopes up. Then go make something happen.

8:14 AM  

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