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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Zombie Radio:
Dawn of the Dead (Air)

About a month ago I submitted a proposal to Seth Godin's ChangeThis.com project, a site that is dedicated to helping spread new ideas through published 'Manifestos' available for online reading, download, and forwarding.

My proposal centers around my rather strong opinion that terrestrial radio as we know it is on its last legs. It's quite possibly already dead, and simply lumbering around on zombie-like reflexes in search of some new broadcasting "braaainnssss." If they don't change the way the think, program, and position themselves in the marketplace, they may find their value as an entertainment and advertising medium in a death spiral from which they may not recover.

I learned today that my proposal has been accepted, and if it captures enough attention I will be invited to write a full-blown ChangeThis Manifesto which will be published on the website for all to see.

But, I need YOUR help!
If I am to be invited to write the Manifesto, I first need to collect enough votes from people who think it might be worth reading.

Please visit the link below and cast your vote for "YES! Write this Manifesto!"
Zombie Radio : Dawn of the Dead-Air

NOTE: Thank you to everyone who's voted so far -- in a matter of hours the proposal shot to #1 in the ChangeThis Proposals Top-10, AND hit #1 in the email rankings (And I've got the screenshots to prove it) -- THANK YOU!


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