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Monday, June 06, 2005

Blogging to the 9th Power
My buddy John Jantsch at the DuctTapeMarketing blog invited me and seven other blog-heads to participate in his newest innovation -- the world's first "Blog Channel." It's a one-stop spot for the best small business programming.

On The Blog Channel, you'll a mix of some of the best minds IN business -- all writing on important topics to help you grow YOUR business:
Zane Safrit - Business Life
Georgia Patrick - Customers Count
Dan Janal - PR Leads
Troy White - Word Wealth
Martin Jelsema - Buzzworthy Branding
Jill Konrath - Selling To Big Companies
Mark Beck - Internet Marketing Unleashed
John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing

...and of course, ME!
Don The Idea Guy - The Idea Department

One of the cool things about The Blog Channel, is that while you can subscribe to each individual channel using our independent RSS feeds -- you can also subscribe to our main Blog Channel and get an update to your RSS reader everytime a new episode is released. Very cool.

Visit The Blog Channel June 6th -- our initial launch day -- and tell us what you think of the programming.


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