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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"To astound the
world, you must
sink into creativity
as a heroic act."
~ Evelyn Rodriguez

Is that quote HOT or what?
Evelyn has a sexy, sexy, brain.

Her recent post at Crossroads Dispatches invites us all on a trip through the creative process, in which Evelyn herself will play tour guide and 'reality show participant', as she not only tells us about her creative habits, but works on a project before our very eyes. Pretty cool, eh?

She also encourages us to choose a project of our own, and work on developing it right beside her. I'm going to take her up on the offer, but I need to figure out WHICH project to work on, and I better do it fast -- Tour Guide Rodriguez has a schedule to keep!

Evelyn has the itinerary for our creative journey posted on her site:
  1. Preparation. (I call this stage, Saturation, because I am immersing myself in as much information as I can.) Now until April 8th.

  2. Incubation. (Letting the ideas "simmer".) April 9th-April 12th. (If you are able to come to the San Francisco Bay Area, come in person to the Dwelve Live "Advance". I'll also offer tips for a solo incubation wherever you are.

  3. Illumination. (The aha! insight.) April 13th-17th.4. Translation. (Translating your insight into action.) April 18th-24th.

  4. Translation. (Translating your insight into action.) April 18th-24th.

I think it'll be a great trip -- won't you come along?



Anonymous /pd; said...

yeah love to come along.. whos paying my trip eh ??

12:46 PM  

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