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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Moore Fun at
John's Blog

GoDaddy's Big Daddy Responds
Excellent discussion going on at the Brand Autopsy blog
here, here, here, and here discussing the big daddy of domain registrations -- GoDaddy.com's -- intentions to spend big bucks on a tiny SuperBowl ad.

These guys and gals contributing to the discussion are passionate about GoDaddy's service and position, and are reluctant to quietly let GoDaddy join the hundreds of lame SuperBowl ads that have aired over the years that have not only failed to generate business, but could arguably be the reason their financial coffers when kaput. At last count, FOX was pricing :30 Super Bowl spots at $2.4 million bucks each!

At current GoDaddy.com domain registration prices ($8.95 for .com domains) -- and Bob Parsons' (GoDaddy President and Founder) own calculations of one domain being registered at GoDaddy.com every 7 seconds -- that's a lot of dot-com-dinero to spend on a single thirty-second Super Bowl spot!

At least I'm happy to hear
from Bob Parsons himself that the spot will not include the words "Who's Yer GoDaddy?"


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