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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fast Friends
Tattoos and Cartoons
A couple online buddies have made it into the finals for Fast Company magazine's Fast 50 of 2005.

Hugh MacLeod (the 'cartoons on the back of business cards' guy from GapingVoid.com) was nominated by yours truly and made it into the second round of selections on the strength of his sardonic insights into the current state of marketing and advertising -- as well as his solutions for improving it. His "How To Be Creative" manifesto is one of the most-downloaded documents on ChangeThis.com.

Karen Post (The Branding Diva) is another nominee I'm happy to endorse. Her new book "Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands The Stick In Your Customers' Minds" is part guidebook, part workbook, and benchmarking tool against which to create and compare your own branding efforts. My hope is that her status as a contributing writer to Fast Company's monthly branding column doesn't prevent her from gaining Fast 50 status.

Visit the Fast 50 nominee pages listed below and read their stories. If you think they're half as cool and I do -- please take the time to jot down a line or two and be sure to cast a vote in favor of adding their names to the 2005 Fast 50.

See Karen Post's entry
See Hugh Macleod's entry


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