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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Virgin Ain't So Innocent
Anyone else smell a rip-off?
The other day, Virgin Atlantic announced a new ad campaign that parodies porn. Targeted to run on LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation Adult Desires pay-per-view hotel channel, the 8-minute video (called "Suite & Innocent") is filled with every conceivable porn double-entendre -- from bad acting to character names like Miles High and Summer Turbulence to cheesy dialog like "seven more inches" of legroom.

Seems I've heard the sex-as-airline concept before... let's see... where was it?

Oh yeah. Now I remember...
It was on the second episode of The Apprentice: Season One. Team Protege trounced Versacorp by unveiling a sexually-charged print campaign for the Marquis Jet Card.

Seems like Branson's group is getting an awful lot of ideas from Trump Tower lately -- especially with the upcoming "The Rebel Billionaire" reality show debuting in just a few weeks.

C'mon, Sir Richard -- stick with your own material. You don't see The Donald sailing around in a big balloon do you?


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