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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon's Band
MusicPlasma is music to my ears and candy for my eyes
MusicPlasma.com is a new visual music database created with the help of Amazon.com's music database. Just type in the name of any musician or band and it will quick assemble a mini-universe of musical connections... displaying a literal 'sphere of influence.'

MusicPlasma.com allows you to click around the linking bands to see who they connect with, or follow a random connecting path to see where it leads.

It's an incredible database tool for finding additional music you'll enjoy -- based on who you already like -- and it's visually appealing, not to mention FUN!

...and addictive!

I first heard about MusicPlasma.com through Damon Darlin's blog entry at Business 2.0


Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

Incidentally, Kevin Bacon's band is called "The Bacon Brothers", and entering them in MusicPlasma.com results in a sphere that includes Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bob Seger, ZZ Top, Warren Zevon, Eric Clapton, and even Springsteen!

...And then out of left field comes a link to Martina McBride! WTF???

8:19 AM  
Blogger J; said...

MusicPlasma is all Flash but no substance.

AllMusicGuide.com does a far better job of providing information about artists and genres (and sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres) of music, albeit one is forced to use boring old hyperlinks to navigate. To analogize, sometimes a plain old-fashioned book is just better.

MP would be more useful if it offered additional information (a la AMG), rather than just being a funky-looking but functionally-useless way to shop. Zoom on the spheres to see the biography written within. Play low bitrate clips of an artist's more popular songs when that artist is centered on the crosshairs (auto-play being capable of being turned on or off, of course).

I give 'em six months unless they come up with something that actually makes me want to go there.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

John: I like all your ideas for enhancing the features of MusicPlasma, but in my opinion it "does what it does" very well... a quick, quirky, visual reference of other bands I might like, based upon any other band of which I'm already a fan.

Sounds like the other site you referenced provides in-depth details of genres and subgenres, but if I don't want an encyclopedia -- just a guide -- MusicPlasma seems to foot the bill.

Thanks for posting -- and be sure to forward your ideas for expanding their services to MusicPlasma. I think they'd be interested in all of them -- I especially like the idea of hearing music clips.

2:01 PM  

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