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Monday, September 27, 2004

Custom Creamery
eCreamery puts the "I" in ice cream
Ever peer into the freezer at the latest offerings from Ben & Jerry's and just KNOW you could create a tastier concoction of ice cream? Now's your chance to put your money where your cone is.

eCreamery creates specialty frozen desserts that are customized to your specifications. They offer a huge library of exotic ingredients (Avocado? Cardamon??), as well as all the old favorites (Toffee! Peanut Butter Cups!!) -- and the opportunity for you to create something totally original.

It's not cheap. Their minimum 4-quart order will run you just under $90 with shipping (they also charge an additional $5 per topping after the first two) -- but it's a cool idea and an excellent example of the extreme customer-customization that continues to capture our imagination.


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