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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Reality Show Give Business Makeovers
What Queer-Eye did for the personal lives of Straight-Guys, The Learning Channel's Taking Care Of Business "Dream Team" aims to do for small businesses.

From the official site:
Taking Care Of Business tackles small business troubles in a big way, and sends a team of gurus — equipped with fresh ideas and plenty of inspiration — to identify problems, turn things around and help businesses live up to their best potential, and let their owners realize their dreams. Together, the "dream team" examines all aspects, from location and product offering to marketing and customer service. They present concrete ideas to help businesses be their best.

No reference of who might be part of their "Dream Team", but it gave me pause to think about who might be part of mine -- how about you? What group of gurus would you gather to turn your business around?

NOW: No Opportunity Wasted
What if you had 72 hours, $3,000 and the opportunity to pursue your dream?
The Discovery Channel asked this question last fall, and thousands of America's most imaginative, innovative and inspired responded. They picked 26 of the best and followed their stories in this new series that was conceived by The Amazing Race host, Phil Keoghan, who also plays host to this series.

It should be interesting to see the variety of 'dream activities', as well as the individual responses when these people are confronted with the opportunity 'put up or shut up.'

What dream would you live out with 3 days and $3,000?

NOW Premieres tonight at 8pm (EST) on The Discovery Channel.


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