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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Support The Norm
Keep Great Content Alive
My buddy Michael Jantze has shrugged off the opressive yoke of "the man" and left his cartoon syndication deal to go it alone.

He's leaving the continued life of his long-running comic strip, "The Norm" in the hands of the cartoon-supporting community. If you like The Norm and want to see it survive, click over to the official The Norm website and contribute a few dollars for your continued amusement. In order to keep The Norm alive, Michael figures he needs 5,000 subscribers. He's over one-fifth of the way there, but his self-imposed deadline for accomplishing this membership drive ends in three weeks -- we need a little over 1333 per week to meet the goal. That's only 190 per day -- we can do it!

If you're not a fan of The Norm... why aren't you?
Even if you're not a 'comics person', you can still keep an original artist's creation alive by forwarding the subscriber info to your comic-reading friends.

Why not take-out your own workplace frustrations by allowing Michael Jantze the thrill of escaping his own corporate shackles -- live vicariously through The Norm!

The Norm is a great comic to which most anyone can relate. Michael Jantze's characters live and breath the same daily trials, tribulations, joys, and successes that we all experience... they just do it a lot 'funnier.'

Don't we all need a little more 'funnier' in our lives?


Blogger Rik; said...

I like your blog,it's interesting to read.
Keep writing :)
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4:38 PM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

Thanks Rik.
Just posted another...
Keep commenting! ;)

4:43 PM  

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