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Friday, September 10, 2004

A Friday by Any Other Name
Last Friday it was People names -- this week it's all Business.
Many times clients will ask my opinion of company names they've created, and although there are plenty of books on the subject and a variety of opinions available, I've always wished there was a collection of basic truths to which I could refer them -- now there is.

In a recent Origin of Brands blog entry, the lovely Laura Ries shared "The 9 Keys Naming Success." This set of keys unlocks the basic principles to successfully naming a company or product -- read them , learn them, keep them on a keyring to which you can constantly refer.

The 9 Keys are listed below, but you'll have to visit Laura's blog for the full descriptions. Be sure to bookmark the entry or save a copy to your computer -- it's a great list.
  • Key #1: Short
  • Key #2: Simple
  • Key #3: Suggestive of the category
  • Key #4: Unique
  • Key #5: Alliterative
  • Key #6: Speakable
  • Key #7: Spellable
  • Key #8: Shocking
  • Key #9: Personalized

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Blogger steven edward streight; said...

Brain Blog is a great name that meats all Laura Ries' criteria. I was running down Tom Peters' blogroll, not real turned on by that many of them, then was so happy to see a fellow blogspot blogger. Nice. Sharp. So many good blogs on marketing are typepad blogs. But you and I shall change that right quick like, right?

I think my Vaspers the Grate (grate as in: grind to powder with an abrasive sound) is a good Ries type name. Vaspers is a web usability enforcer:


You'd maybe like "Martha Stewart Gets Vasperized" at this blog.

I've always liked Positioning as a concept. Very similar to my Mentally Correct Marketing:


You'd maybe like "Customer Service IS a Profit Center" at this blog.

2:41 AM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

Thanks for sharing. I found your blogs interesting, especially the "Vaspers Grate." Clever name.

Who knows why Typepad made the leap and BlogSpot didn't? Seems strange given the fact (as Ries and Trout would preach) Blogger was the first to 'own' the blogs position.

7:38 AM  

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