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Monday, September 06, 2004

The virtual libraries of Amazon customers
When I visit friends, I enjoy browsing the shelves of their book and music collections. I inevitably find items that I'd wanted to read or hear and never got around to it, or forgot the title the next time I visited my favorite media store.

Finding a book or music title on the shelf of a friend is the best way to find new material to enjoy -- it's why I like Amazon.com's "Listmania" feature. I can easily find people who seem to have enjoyed the same books or music that I already own, and from their public lists posted on Amazon, I can find other titles they enjoyed as well. Sometimes they even list WORST items, and I know to avoid those titles at all costs!

I used Amazon to create two lists of my own -- one on CREATIVITY and one on SELLING.

If you've created a Listmania on Amazon, please leave the link in the comments section of this blog post -- I'm always looking for recommendations from friends.

PS: One of the first books listed on my SELLING list is Jeffrey Gitomer's new title, "The Little Red Book of Selling." This book now surpasses his first work "The Sales Bible" as my all-time favorite book on selling.

If you buy Gitomer's new book from Amazon.com tomorrow (Tueday, September 7th) and email the order confirmation to redbook@gitomer.com, you'll receive a bunch of free stuff, including Jeffrey's never before seen "Little eBook on Follow-up", half-price registration on an up-coming seminar, and additional ebooks, reports, and articles from 15 other experts on branding, customer service, networking, and personal development.

You could also win a full hour, one-on-one, phone consultation with sales-guru-Gitomer himself!

Definitely worth the $13 you'll pay for the book, don't you think?
Only on September 7th!


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