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Monday, May 31, 2004

Body As Billboard
"Advertise for Sh*t That Matters"
Today's post links to a site that is not work-safe, but cool and creative nonetheless.

Periel is a writer/designer who created Body as Billboard after coming to the realization that her body was being used as an advertising vehicle to promote products and politics.

"I was sick of having my body used as advertising for companies that use sweatshop labor, where workers work too long hours and get paid too little wages and have no health benefits. I reject having my body used in this way and so I decided to fight back."

Body As Billboard began by accident in 2003. Periel was shopping while wearing one of her creations (a t-shirt that says "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own") and the owners of the shop loved it. They asked where she got the shirt, and after Periel explained she'd made it herself, they placed an order to sell the shirts in the store.

"The clothes I make and design are meant to be worn by people who want to fight back. They're made for people who want to use their bodies instead of having their bodies used. They are suitable for vegetarians and there is no sweatshop labor of any kind. Things are f*cked up. So go buy a shirt that isn't. Or make one. Do something."

As musician Billy Bragg wrote in "Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards" --
The revolution is just a t-shirt away.

Start Your Own Revolution
At CafePress.com you can create and sell t-shirts, mugs, mousepads and more with your own designs on them. You just upload a picture, and they create a complete storefront for you - completely FREE. It's really easy and doesn't take long - plus it's a lot of fun. Check 'em out.


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