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Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Bloglet Box is Back!
Free Sign-up Service Provides Brain|Blog Update Alerts
Enter your email address in the "subscribe" box to the left and Bloglet will send you an email within 24-hours of a Brain|Blog update.

I like the idea of the service, but wish they were more consistent in the alert times -- somedays the alert is immediate, other days I get it almost 24 hours later. Notification delays aside, it's still a nice reminder to visit the site (in case you get tired of checking it every day to see if there's something new!)

I've slowly been making Brain|Blog format and linking updates, and I have some fairly dramatic changes in mind for the next months. I plan to refocus the Brain|Blog to specifically deal with creativity-themed topics and am contemplating splitting the blog into three individual blogs -- the Creativity Blog (Brain|Blog), and business and sales blog, and a personal blog. Each blog would have a scheduled set of days and times for updates (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Fridays by Noon, etc.) Nothing is set in stone, but that's the direction I'm considering.

Any thoughts? Opinions on the proposed changes?
Post 'em in the comments section below.


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