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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Creativity for the Time-Stressed
Five exercises for squeezing a little creative thought into your busy day
Creativity consultant Jean V. Dickson offers five fun games to help build innovative thinking for the time-stressed:

Play the 3 Cs: Clothes, Colour and Counting Game
Think of as many alternative ways of describing the colour of the clothes you decide to wear each day.

Play Connect-the-Cars Traffic Jam Car Game
Look at the back of the car you're stuck behind, focus on one element and think of ten things that spring to mind. Then try to relate them to a problem at work or home you face.

Play the Elevator Awareness Game
Look at the people next to you in the lift. Think of all the occupations that might match each person.

Play the Round-the-Table-Across-the-Country Meal-Time Game
At dinner, start a conversation about a wacky family who are also sitting down to eat somewhere else.

Play the Movie Mania Game
Study the main character and think of 20 ways he/she is like you and 20 they are not. Then relate one trait to products advertised in the commercial break.

Full article here.

I found the article above at The Nub -- a great source for creativity, business, and improving your work life


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