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Friday, December 19, 2003

See? My idea wasn't so weird!
Grace Performance Chemicals Collects
Client's Wacky Ideas

A recent article in Fast Company tells the tale of a division of the W.R. Grace Company that instructed its sales reps to observe the unexpected (i.e., Weird) ways clients use their products. Grace took the data and filtered it using idea management software from Imaginatik (run by my old IdeaDollar.com buddy Mark Turrell) and are in the process of exploiting the information for future innovative breakthroughs.

I guess collecting weird ideas ain't so weird afterall!
You can still enter YOUR wonderfully wacky and weird ideas for inclusion in my upcoming book by visiting UnusuallyCreative.com

All participants whose ideas are included will receive credit in the book and a free copy of the eBook. The deadline is rapidly approaching, so enter your ideas today!


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