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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Losing Your Links
Just a reminder to all my blogrolling friends -- please update your links to MyBrainBlog. In just a couple weeks MyBrainBlog will be moving from this ".blogspot.com" address to a wonderful and wild domain of its own -- www.MyBrainBlog.com.

Don't worry about switching too early, the new domain is auto-forwarding until that fateful day when we turn off the lights and lock the door on the way out of our blogspot efficiency suite, and move into our new Trump-like digs. I picture the new place as a really cool loft apartment overlooking the city.

With the new domain will come a new look.
I'm really excited about the new design, and I can wait to unveil it -- a brand new look for both MyBrainBlog and the entire DTIG site. It's gonna be coool. (Just like that imaginary loft apartment in my head!)

Tom Peters has already linked to my new domain, why haven't you?

It is SO cool being able to say Tom Peters is linked to my site!


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