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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Update: This is now

BrainBlog is changing its address!
I've been blogging a long time.
The official archives go back to 2002, but at least a year of earlier files have been lost in the ether(net) as I've updated over the years.

When I started, Blogger was the best thing going. Firstly, it was one of the ONLY things going -- and beyond that, it's easy to use and appeal to my cheap-bastard side -- it was free. The fact that it was housed on their domain (http://dontheideaguy.blogspot.com/) didn't make a difference to me at the time. My primary domain (http://www.dontheideaguy.com/) was where most people entered my website -- the blog was secondary.

But a funny thing happened.
As more people started linking to ME -- they weren't linking through my primary domain, they were linking through my BLOG. As I watched traffic stats grow, I found more and more people were finding me through my blog because the blog was updated more frequently that my "official" website.

By the time I realized what happened, more people knew (and linked) me through my blog than my website and I now had a 'yucky' domain name (dontheideaguy.blogspot.com). Ewww.

The longer I keep it, the harder it will be to change. The more people that link me, the harder it will be to reach them and ask them to update to a new address. If I ever decide to change blogging software (Typepad, Moveable Type, WordPress, Radio Userland, etc.) my address will change anyway -- and it would be a rush to switch links overnight. So I'm starting early.

The new official new address for the BrainBlog is now www.MyBrainBlog.com -- I own it, and now I can point it to whichever blogging software I decide to use in the future. It's a permanent address that I own and control.

Learn from my mistake -- always start with your own domain. Find one you like and hold onto it. No matter which webhost you use, email program, blogging site, etc. that you use -- you can redirect your personal domain to your new address without having to alert the world to the change -- it's like having a permanent forwarding service -- no matter where you've moved, your address and email can stay the same.

Please update your links to my new blog address --


Anonymous S. Anthony Iannarino; said...

Someone gave me exactly that same advice a few months ago when I started my blog. Thanks, DTIG.


8:51 AM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

That's why I'm so good at giving that sort of advice... I make lots (and LOTS) of mistakes!

Did you update your link to me? ;)

9:36 AM  

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