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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Don't Write A Book!
Until you read this...
If the guy who sold all those Chicken Soup For the Soul books told you the secret to producing a #1 bestselling book -- not just once, but many times -- you'd be wise to listen, right?

"If you want to become master of your publicity fate, listen to Arielle Ford. She has taken our Chicken Soup For The Soul series repeatedly to #1."
~ Mark Victor Hansen

If you're an aspiring author, there's someone you should know.
America's #1 book publicist, Arielle Ford, has just released "Everything You Should Know About Publishing, Publicity, Promotion & Building a Platform: A Step-By-Step Guide For Authors."

People like Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Dean Ornish, Gary Zukav and many other authors consider her one of America's most successful book publicists. She's sold more than 15 million books and helped launch the careers of hundreds of authors, including eleven who made it to #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List.

Her new course gives you all the know-how you need to succeed:

  • Exactly what publishers want, and how you can deliver it. And if you don't do this right, you'll get stuck in the "slush pile" for months.
  • Insider secrets to promoting your book including the same strategies Arielle used to help sell more than 15 million books.
  • How to launch yourself in the media including the techniques Arielle used to get authors on "Oprah", "Good Morning America" and "Larry King Live".
  • The truth behind building a "platform"... Including fascinating details and instructions on how famous authors really make their money - and it's not from book royalties.
  • An entire reference guide that's packed with samples you can copy and use including letters, press material, bios and Q&A.
  • A rolodex of contacts that took Arielle 15 painstaking years to build.

Arielle also launched a newsletter that every writer (whether you're published or not) should receive. Take a second to sign-up for Arielle's free newsletter and review the course details -- Just click HERE.


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